Editing Domains in Bulk


In addition to adding multiple domains, you can also edit multiple domains. To do this, select Domain Inventory under Domain Manager. You can filter domains by Premium, Sale, Website, or sold, or perform a search for domains with a certain pattern.

Then select the Bulk Edit Table option just above the domain listings. The listings will be converted into editable fields.

Make the necessary edits and choose Update.

In the Bulk Edit Table mode you can edit the following items:

  • Domain Name
  • Registration Date (format YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Categories
  • Showcase Settings: Premium, On Sale, Website Included
  • Mark as sold
  • Pricing info: Asking Price, Minimum Offer, Lease Price

* In the drop-down categories list, any category with an asterisk signifies that the category is not applied to the current DMP Shop. So if you want to have the domain listed in the current shop, ensure that at least one category you select does not have an asterisk.

Adding Custom Content to the Home Page

Creating a custom home page with DMP is simple but powerful. You can create a page and use all the available CMS (content management system) tools to create unlimited possibilities for the appearance and content of your home page. You can even add YouTube videos, among other things.

Step 1
You first need to create a page using the CMS tools under Content Manager. You can add formatted text, images, videos, links, tables and more with the text editor.

You can name it something obvious like Home or Home Page.

Step 2
Go to Shop Settings, found in the drop-down menu on the top right hand side.

Then, under Standard Pages, you will find the Home Page drop-down options of created pages. Choose the page for the Home Page and select Submit.

Adding Multiple Domains

The bulk domain entry form is similar to the single domain entry form with the exemption of the domain field which allows for entering multiple domains. The rest of the fields follow a similar pattern:

Bulk Domain Add

To enter more than one domain, you must enter one domain per line. The rest of the settings on the page, such as categories, will be applied to all the domains you enter. If you want to change the settings per domain basis such as main category, registration date, pricing and logo then you must enter that information on the same line as the domain separated by a comma such as this:


Registration date must be written in the format: YYYY-MM-DD Category must be already added to your shop, otherwise it will default to “uncategorized”. First price is the asking price, second price is the minimum offer. Both written without commas and decimals. The only way to add a separate logo to each domain is to have the logos uploaded to a hosting site first. You can enter the URL without http: but with the double forward slashes, ‘//’. Current limit of number of domains you can add at once is 200.