Domain Promotion Landers

domain promotional landers

Promotional landers allow you create unique pages exclusively for running special sales campaigns. They are social media and mobile friendly. Promotional landers are separate from your main DMP Shop but are branded to your shop and link domains to their respective sales pages. Use this feature to run limited-time specials and target promotional campaigns.

Here is how to create a promotional lander:

1/ Browse or search the domain inventory and check domains you want to promote.

promo landers step 1

2/ Start a new campaign or add domains to an existing campaign.

promo landers step 2

3/ Create a title that will be used in the promotional campaign.

promo landers step 3

4/ Review your domain selections. You can remove domains or add new domains by browsing or searching inventory. The campaign is already saved. You can go back to it later, continue, or start over.

promo landers step 4

5/ Add some content to complement the domain listings. You can include a sales blurb (with links and a phone number or anything else you want), choose a logo, and upload a custom header image or choose one from uploaded headers.

promo landers step 5

You can choose a logo you have already uploaded from the drop-down list, such as from your DMP Shop’s header or footer.

You can upload a new banner image (by clicking on the image) or select a banner image you have uploaded previously from the drop-down.

promo landers step 5b

6/ A special domain promotion page will be generated with a unique link.

promo landers step 6

domain promotional landers

7/ Post the link on social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and other networks.

promo lander twitter