Customizing Navigation

The navigation bar contains the following default pages:


Buy Domains – Page with advanced search and domain categories.

Contact Us – Contact form.

News – If you choose to “Pin to Top Nav”, News link will appear, otherwise it will be under “More” drop-down.

Blog – If you choose to “Pin to Top Nav”, Blog link will appear, otherwise it will be under “More” drop-down.

More – This option appears only if you added pages to the 2nd top navigation. Useful for placing more options to top navigation that don’t fit on the main navigation bar.

Search – Drop-down or reveal of “broad match” domain search form.

Cart – Drop-down with number of domains selected and link to shopping cart.

Adding Custom Pages to Top Navigation

Select “Pin to Top Navigation” to add pages to main navigation bar between “Buy Domains” and “Contact Us”. Use the “Order Num.” field to place the custom pages in a specific order or leave as 0.

To place a custom page between the “Home” and  “Buy Domains” options, enter 1 for “Order Num.” Order number of 1 is reserved for pages in this prime location on the navigation bar. Order numbers of 0 and anything above 1 will be placed after “Buy Domains”.

Pinning News and/or Blog to Top Navigation

Under “Customize Website”, the option to pin either News or Blog or both to the top navigation is under “News & Blog”. These options are visible only if there are any posts.


If you find that you can’t fit all the options in a single row then you will either need to reduce the font size for the navigation bar (Header edit fields under “Colors and Fonts” then “Custom”) or move the page under the “More” drop-down by selecting “Pin to 2nd Top Navigation”.