Forwarding Domains Using Uniregistry

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To forward domains to the landing or sales pages within your DMP Shop, follow these steps:

1/ For the domain(s) you’ve chosen, select the NS / DNS Records tab. Make sure that the nameservers are those of ns*

2/ Select New Record in the DNS Records section. Then select Embedded Redirect in the Type drop-down options.

3/ Enter Page Title, which can be the domain name or anything. This is not used on the DMP end but is required by Uniregistry. And enter the landing URL which is your DMP Shop URL followed by a slash then landing then trailing slash as in the example below:

4/ Finally, make sure that the domain(s) also is/are entered in the DMP Shop back-end. Otherwise, the redirect/forward will go to the home page.

Setting Up Google Search for Monetized Landing Pages

You can have custom search on Landing Pages in order to monetize PPC ads. You will need an Adsense Publisher ID and Custom Search ID.

Adsense Publisher ID

Adsense Publisher ID is required in order to be able to make revenue from clicks on Google Adsense or Custom Search ads. To get your Adsense Publisher ID, you will need to open an account at Google Adsense. If you already have an account, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Adsense Account
  2. From the top menu click on your account email address.
  3. You will see your Publisher ID in the drop-down menu.

Custom Search ID

Adsense Search ID is required in addition to your Adsense Publisher ID in order to monetize Google searches made from your landing pages and/or other pages that contain the Google Custom Search widget.

To get your Adsense Custom Search Engine ID, follow these steps:

Log into your Adsense Account
Select ‘My Ads’ from the top panel
Select ‘Search’ from the left sidebar
If you haven’t created any search engines, select ‘New custom search engine’ from the top

You will find the ‘Adsense Custom Search Engine ID’ in the list of search engines.

Where do I enter this data in DMP?

You enter the Custom Search criteria under Monetization in the corresponding field.