Landing Pages

domain landing pages

The Landing Page functionality in DMP is an excellent way to point all your domains to landing pages, forward to sales pages, or monetize your domains in a much more effective way other than parking as we know it.

You can find the controls for Landing Pages under Customize Website then Landing Pages in the Main Menu.

There are 3 types of Landing Pages: Standard, Monetized, and Redirect.

Standard – this option generates a typical landing page with optional BIN button and contact or offer form and no advertising.

Monetized – this creates a page that has the elements of a standard landing page but with Google Custom Search field on top and ads you can create under Monetization in the main menu.

Redirect – this will redirect the landing page to the sales page in your DMP shop. Can be used to forward domains in bulk to sales pages. Learn more about domain landing and sales pages and how to use them.

How to Set Up Landing Pages

  1. Add the domains to your DMP shop.
  2. At your registrar, set the nameservers to and
  3. Set the nameservers in your DMP control panel. Here’s how
  4. Use the controls under Customize Website – Landing Pages to select type of landing page, add comments and tweak your landing pages.

Domain Landing Pages

You can use the shortcode, {domain}, to dynamically replace it with the actual domain the landing page loads for.

Next, choose a theme. Otherwise the default theme will be used.

Domain Landing Pages

There are a number of different landing page themes you can choose from. Some can be monetized, some are branded (ie. borrow design elements of the main DMP Shop), some allow for a custom image to be uploaded, and some allow for all of the above.

For landing pages that allow custom images, a button for upload with appear after that theme is selected. You can then upload your own background image:

Domain Landing Pages

Recommended background image size: 1920 x 1080 pixels and under 500 kilobytes. Tip: The more detail an image has, the larger the file size and the extra detail will also distract from the text.

* NOTE: Any forwarded domains that are not added to the DMP Shop will automatically redirect to the home page.

The above settings will affect all domains. You can also set up landing pages for individual domains or domains in a specific category.

How to Set Up Landing Pages for Individual Domains

Follow the above steps #1 and #2 under “How to Set Up Landing Pages”.

Then, find the domain you want to set up a custom landing page for in Domain Manager.

Domain Landing Page

Select “Landing Page” button above the domain edit page.

Domain Landing Page

Edit and save Settings.

Finally, choose the themes tab and select one of the themes.

You can always revert back to global landing page settings by selecting the button: “Remove landing page form the domain and revert to global settings”.

How to Set Up Landing Pages for Specific Categories

To set up landing pages for specific categories, the process is exactly the same as per domain. Except, you will have to select Categories from the main menu. Then, next to the category, select the landing page icon to open the landing page settings options as per this graphic:

Domain Landing Pages

The Offer Submission Process

  1. The buyer fills out a simplified form and passes the anti-spam recaptcha test.
  2. The DMP Shop admin receives notification of the offer and the offer is stored in the back-end control panel.
  3. The buyer receives an email to confirm their offer.
  4. The DMP Shop admin is notified of the confirmation.

If the domain has a BIN (Buy It Now) price then a button to buy is also displayed on the landing page above the offer form. The BIN button links to the shopping cart on the DMP Shop.

Discount Codes

You are able to create Discount Codes for domains that have prices. The discount code(s) can be created with an expiry date and sent to domain announcement lists, to individual buyers that you may have struck a deal with or want to motivate, posted on social media, etc.

If a discount code for a particular shop exists, then a field will appear in the cart to enter and apply the code to the total amount.

To create a discount code, follow these steps:

1/ In the left-hand menu, select Lead Gen then Discounts.

2/ Select the button “Create a New Discount Code”

3/ In the pop-up modal, enter the following:

  • Code – this is a name for the code which buyers can enter in the shopping cart to redeem it and apply the discount.
  • % Discount – percentage of the discount to be applied to the total (before taxes, if applicable).
  • Expiry Date – must be today’s or a future date for the discount code to be available.

All discount codes, current and expired, will appear in the window below and can be deleted at any time.

You can have multiple discount codes for any single shop and different discount codes for different shops.

Discount codes can also be included in conjunction with the domain promotion landers to run campaigns on social media.

Discount codes

Forwarding Domains Using Uniregistry

, ,

To forward domains to the landing or sales pages within your DMP Shop, follow these steps:

1/ For the domain(s) you’ve chosen, select the NS / DNS Records tab. Make sure that the nameservers are those of ns*

2/ Select New Record in the DNS Records section. Then select Embedded Redirect in the Type drop-down options.

3/ Enter Page Title, which can be the domain name or anything. This is not used on the DMP end but is required by Uniregistry. And enter the landing URL which is your DMP Shop URL followed by a slash then landing then trailing slash as in the example below:

4/ Finally, make sure that the domain(s) also is/are entered in the DMP Shop back-end. Otherwise, the redirect/forward will go to the home page.

Domain Promotion Landers

promotional landers featured

domain promotional landers

Promotional landers allow you create unique pages exclusively for running special sales campaigns. They are social media and mobile friendly. Promotional landers are separate from your main DMP Shop but are branded to your shop and link domains to their respective sales pages. Use this feature to run limited-time specials and target promotional campaigns.

Here is how to create a promotional lander:

1/ Browse or search the domain inventory and check domains you want to promote.

promo landers step 1

2/ Start a new campaign or add domains to an existing campaign.

promo landers step 2

3/ Create a title that will be used in the promotional campaign.

promo landers step 3

4/ Review your domain selections. You can remove domains or add new domains by browsing or searching inventory. The campaign is already saved. You can go back to it later, continue, or start over.

promo landers step 4

5/ Add some content to complement the domain listings. You can include a sales blurb (with links and a phone number or anything else you want), choose a logo, and upload a custom header image or choose one from uploaded headers.

promo landers step 5

You can choose a logo you have already uploaded from the drop-down list, such as from your DMP Shop’s header or footer.

You can upload a new banner image (by clicking on the image) or select a banner image you have uploaded previously from the drop-down.

promo landers step 5b

6/ A special domain promotion page will be generated with a unique link.

promo landers step 6

domain promotional landers

7/ Post the link on social media, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and other networks.

promo lander twitter