How to Customize Headers


You can customize the heading and sub-heading (optional) to optimize for each different background image. You can ensure that the text is readable and looks great against nearly any type of background, whether it is a dark or light background or something in-between. The video will give you an overview on how you can use these tools.

To access these options, select Banner/Sliders under Customize Website, then Home Page:


Here are the options and what they mean:


(Sub)Heading for Slide # – This is the heading text. You want main heading to be bigger than the sub-heading.

Font Color – Select the color of the text.

Text Shadow – (optional) If the text is not clearly readable, you may want to add a slight shadow to make it stand out.

Shadow Color – Select the color of the text shadow. Make sure it contrasts with the background image.

Font Size – Set the size of the text.

Alignment – You can make the headings pushed to the right or left of the header or centered.

Divider – (optional) Add a line between the main heading and the sub-heading. 0 means no divider line will be displayed.

Color – Color for the divider.

Link to Page – (optional) You can link the main heading to one of the pages created in the Content Manager.

Please note that these options are only applicable to these header types:

Search Box

Slider (except with premium domain captions)

Header Image

Please note: If you don’t see changes in font styling and/or alignment, make sure to clear your browser cache.

Maintenance Mode

Put your DMP Shop in maintenance mode while you are populating the site or doing major updates. Add an IP address to “Allow These IP’s” (one per line) to browse the site while all other IP’s will get the maintenance page.

This is available under Settings. Which can be selected from the drop-down menu in the right hand of the top bar, the little user icon.

Once you set your site to Maintenance Mode, go back to Settings to add content.

Maintenance pages can look something like this:

maintenance mode