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Adding 3rd Party Analytics and Other Codes

You can add 3rd party code, such as Google Analytics,  by selecting Customize Website then Advanced then Custom Code. You will see the fields to add code either inside the head tag or footer (just before closing body tag). If you are adding javascript, you can insert it in either head or footer areas. If […]


How to Customize Headers

You can customize the heading and sub-heading (optional) to optimize for each different background image. You can ensure that the text is readable and looks great against nearly any type of background, whether it is a dark or light background or something in-between. The video will give you an overview on how you can use […]

Forwarding Domains With DNS

You can very easily point all of your domains to the DMP platform by adding these nameservers to your domains’ DNS at the registrar: NS1.NAMECONTROL.NET NS2.NAMECONTROL.NET You will then be able to control the destination page when someone types-in or clicks a link for that domain: landing page or sales page. In the in the […]

Export Import Tool

You can export all of the domain data as a CSV file, edit it in your favorite spreadsheet software, then import back into DMP and the domains will automatically update based on the edited fields in the file. What is CSV? It is the most common file format for exporting and importing data for spreadsheets […]


How to Create a Privacy Policy Page

Creating a privacy policy page is just like creating any other page. Use the Content Manager to create a page. Then in Settings, select the page you created for the Privacy Policy under Key Pages. The privacy policy consent pop-up will appear until the visitor accepts and consent checks boxes will be placed whenever data […]

Landing Pages

The Landing Page functionality in DMP is an excellent way to point all your domains to landing pages, forward to sales pages, or monetize your domains in a much more effective way other than parking as we know it. You can find the controls for Landing Pages under Customize Website then Landing Pages in the […]

Forwarding Domains Using Enom

Login to your account and go to Registered Domains in the Domain Manager section. Select the domain you want to forward. Select “Host Records” from under the Manage Domain drop-down options. Enter the DMP Shop’s landing URL in the Address fields for “www” and “* (all others)”. And select “URL Frame” from the Record Type […]

Forwarding Domains Using Moniker

Login to your account and select domain from My Domains list. A domain edit screen will appear with 5 tabs. Make sure that the domain is pointing to the Standard Moniker nameservers: ns1.monikerdns.net, ns2.monikerdns.net, ns3.monikerdns.net, ns4.monikerdns.net. This can be selected under the “Whois/Nameserver tab”. In the first tab named “DNS settings”, scroll down to “Subdomain overview” section and click […]

Discount Codes

You are able to create Discount Codes for domains that have prices. The discount code(s) can be created with an expiry date and sent to domain announcement lists, to individual buyers that you may have struck a deal with or want to motivate, posted on social media, etc. If a discount code for a particular […]

Maintenance Mode

Put your DMP Shop in maintenance mode while you are populating the site or doing major updates. Add an IP address to “Allow These IP’s” (one per line) to browse the site while all other IP’s will get the maintenance page. This is available under Settings. Which can be selected from the drop-down menu in […]