Anti-Spam Settings

anti spam settings

In order to reduce spam submissions, you must have a captcha test on all forms. Captcha is a human test in forms just before the submit button.

In DMP there are 2 methods of captcha: Math test and Google reCaptcha, which has 2 types within it.

To set up a captcha option, go to Settings (found in the top right hand corner) and scroll down to Anti-Spam Settings.

Math Captcha

Simple math test is the default captcha. It is quick and neat but not 100% full-proof.

Google reCaptcha

Google reCaptcha requires a little more work to activate but works much better in reducing spam. You can acquire the keys to activate reCaptcha here:

There are 2 types of reCaptcha: reCaptcha v2 & Invisible reCaptcha. The keys for each are different. Put the reCaptcha v2 under that title, and Invisble reCaptcha under that title. You will find where to enter the keys in Settings  on top right navbar. In Settings scroll down to “Anti-Spam Settings:”.

Other Anti Spam Measures

Besides these, DMP also includes automated anti-spam measures such as catching certain words and phrases that are exclusive to spam, as well as embedded links, code, etc. Submissions that include such criteria are prevented from being sent.

DMP also tracks IP’s and looks for bot behavior and checks IP’s against a database of reported abusive IP addresses.