Adding Headings to Header Images and Sliders

custom headings featured

You can add custom headings to header images and sliders.

First, go to Customize Website and select Home Page Settings. In the drop-down under Header Type select one of the options that support custom headings:

home page header selector

Search Box – Randomly displays a header image with a domain search field. Custom heading is placed above the search field.

Slider – Custom headings are displayed in the center of slider images.

Static – Like with the search box, static header banners are displayed at random upon each load but without the search field. Custom headings are placed in the center of the header.

Header types that do not support custom headings are:

Slider (Premium Domain Captions) – Heading space is used by displaying random premium domain names as captions.

None – Graphic header is not displayed.

Set the Headings for the Banners/Sliders

Under Customize Website – Home Page, select the Banners/Sliders option. Next to each image you will see a field “Heading for Slide”. Type your custom heading into this field. The select “Save Headings”.

custom headings

For best effect, keep you headings concise and as short as possible. No more than 2 lines max.